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First Time Homebuyer?
Moving Up?
First Time
So How Do You Buy A Home Anyway?
Follow the 6 simple steps below.

Step 1: Get Prequalified
Isn't it much better to know what you can afford before you
fall in love with the home that you can't? Letting a bunch of
lenders pull your credit can lower your score. Simply let us pull
it once so that you can see if there is anything surprising on it
that might take a bit of time to clear up. Important things to ask
your lender are: How long are you going to stay in your 1st
home? Would you prefer a payment that starts low and goes
up after a bit or a payment that pays off your mortgage faster?
Regardless of what the bank thinks you can afford where do
you want your payments to be? We can help you with all your
questions before you decide on the home you wish to purchase.

Step 2: Find Your Home
You benefit when using a realtor vs. looking on your own. Obviously the Realtor
has been through the process many times before. It is usually free for a buyer to
use a realtor and it can save you time. If you are the more independent type, driving
around and looking for "For Sale" signs is a good way to make sure you are in the
neighborhood you want to be in. Also new construction model homes usually have
an agent on site to help you.

Step 3: Make An Offer
You and the seller come to an agreement on the price and the terms and the day you want to move in.
You will then sign a REPC (Real Estate Purchase Contract).

Step 4: Get Your Loan Approved / Apply Online
You have already been pre-approved based on your credit, but now the lender wants to look at the
property as well. As long as the property is in good shape, appraises for what you are paying for and
your credit has not changed since the prequalification, everything should be fine. Once the decisions
are made, you can simply apply online.

Step 5: Closing Day
This is when you sign loan papers at the title company. Usually you can't move in until the documents
are recorded with the county, sometimes 24-48 hours later.

Step 6: Moving Day!!
Congratulations, you are now a homeowner!